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Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations (FAAWO) is an organization of dedicated animal advocates working together to positively impact animals throughout the state of Florida. Our goal is to offer assistance, exchange ideas and support our colleagues in the compassionate work of saving lives. By uniting our voices on important issues, we can affect change on local and state levels.

FAAWO Vision Statement

FAAWO advocates for the betterment of animals and their communities while creating a unified voice for animal welfare in Florida.

FAAWO Mission Satement

FAAWO shares knowledge, expertise and support to increase lifesaving efforts and advocacy for animals in Florida.


Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations provides caring animal groups and individuals to work together, representing a united effort for the animals. Our goals are to:

  • Work together to raise the level of awareness and address the many challenges of animal issues
  • Establish mutually agreed upon goals to benefit animal welfare in the state of Florida
  • Complement the Florida Animal Control Association (FACA)
  • Create a state-wide information and resource network
  • Serve as a united voice to promote state legislation for the welfare of animals
  • Set up committees to focus on specific issues such as raising awareness and promoting humane attitudes with the goal of ultimately improving animal welfare
  • Establish a state-wide response team
  • Promote professional animal shelter standards