Emergency Support Function-17 (ESF-17)

ESF 17 provides for the coordination of local resources in response to small pet, livestock, and exotic animal care needs before, during, and following a significant disaster incident.

Local shelters and agencies should first contact their local county emergency management ESF-17 representative for assistance (phone or email). Provide as much detail in the request – current situation, reason for need, what has been done, and specific resources needed, for example. The request will be evaluated to determine if other local resources or groups are able to assist. If the request cannot be filled at the local level, the county will submit the request via WEBEOC to the state ESF-17 network.

ESF 17 – Contact Information Per County:



Contacts for Requesting Help Before and After a Disaster:

Pet Shelter Emergency Response
Florida Urgent Rescue – Transport
Dairy Animal Resources
Large Animal Incident Response Guide
Livestock Emergency Plan Template



Florida SART
Florida SARC
Florida Urgent Rescue
Florida SART Equipment Request


Training for a Disaster

Florida SARC Training
Incident Command System (ICS) – FEMA
Florida Disaster – Emergency Management
Florida SART Training for Shelters
Florida SART Training for K9 Handlers


Large Animal Rescue Training

Florida SART Animal Rescue Training
Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Training
University of Florida Large Animal/Equine Rescue Training


Water Rescue Training

Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Floodwater Animal Rescue Training
 The Rescue Company – Water Rescue Training