Build Your Transfer Network like Never Before!

With increasing number of natural disasters, there is a need for effective and efficient ways to manage the number of animal transfer to and from your organization. As evidence with California fires or the hurricanes in Louisianna this past year, more and more transfer networks are being created to help get animals quickly out of harms way.

That’s whyPetPoint, in coordination with Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), have built the all-new Transfer Manifest Report — a report designed to make transferring animals, even in emergencies, easier than ever before.  Display the animals ready for transfer, along with their vital medical details and behavior status, in a report that opens in Excel for easy sharing or sorting.

"Moving adoptable animals out of harm’s way in disaster has become a critical part of preparedness planning for shelters and rescues. This report is a quick and easy way to provide the information receiving shelters need to determine the animals they are able to receive, care for and ultimately adopt out. Whether using pre, post or every day, this report provides the information to make the best decisions for each animal." - Diane Robinson, Program Manager, Disaster Response, HSUS

Interested in taking advantage of the Transfer Manifest Report? Reach out to Guinn Friedman [email protected] to learn how integrating the report can help make transfers easier than ever before. 

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