Puppies rescued from shelters affected by Elsa now in Orlando


The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has more dogs that will soon be available to adopt thanks to Elsa.

The pet alliance said in a Facebook post that employees made the quick decision on Tuesday to drive up to Dixie County and rescue 28 dogs who were in the path of Elsa.

The post said the dogs came from kennels that were open to the elements and were overcrowded.

Officials with the pet alliance said in the post, "Now, over a dozen pups and a handful of adult dogs are recovering at the Pet Alliance. Our staff have already given much needed baths, flea prevention, dewormer, vaccines, bowls of yummy food, and lots of love."


Officials said the dogs will be looked over for the next few days by the shelter veterinarian.

While some dogs are in better shape than others, once approved for adoption, the dogs will be posted on the pet alliance's website.


Visit the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to search for pets up for adoption.

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