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As COVID cases continue to rise in Florida, many organizations are seeking to rethink their workplace safety guidelines and protocols. Leaders are grappling with decisions about mask mandates, vaccination requirements, and how they can best protect employees and the public they serve. Below are some resources that my help as you navigate changes in your organizations policies.

In addition, The Florida Department of Health is providing vaccination resources in each county.  They are also available to visit worksites to set up information sessions or vaccine clinics in most counties. Contact your county Department of Health of CLICK HERE for more information.

Finally, in seeking to understand the culture in your unique organization so that you can make informed decisions about policies, it may be helpful to survey your employees/volunteers about their current vaccination status. Below is a sample survey used by member organization, the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, and shared their permission.


[Company name] is requesting input from employees regarding their COVID-19 vaccination status and how [Company name] may help to facilitate vaccinations for employees. This anonymous and voluntary survey will help senior management make decisions regarding reopening the office; however, the results of this survey will not be the only information used in the decision-making process. At this time, [Company name] has no intention of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine. 

1. Have you received a COVID-19 vaccine?
(If yes, this survey is complete, and you may submit it now.)

2. If not, do you plan to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

3. If you are planning on receiving the vaccine, in what time frame do you plan to do so?
     _Within the next month
     _Within the next three months
     _Within the next six months

4. If you are planning on receiving the vaccine, where would you prefer to receive it if given the choice:
     _My health care provider
     _Local health department
     _Vaccination clinic at [Company name] worksite
     _Other (offer space to explain)
(If you are planning on receiving the vaccine, this survey is complete, and you may submit it now.)

5. If you do not plan on receiving the vaccine, please answer the following:
     Would a monetary incentive offered by [Company name] change your mind?
     Would another type of incentive offered by [Company name], such as paid time off, change your mind? 
          _Yes  If so, what type: (offer space to explain)

6. Do you have a medical reason for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? 

7. Do you have a religious objection to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?

8. Would you find it helpful if [Company name] provided employees with resources on the COVID-19 vaccine, such as educational information, state/county vaccination schedules and estimated time frames for eligibility?



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