Help Protect Your Adopters' Private Information!

From our colleagues at the Florida Animal Control Association (FACA): 

FACA is working to support HB 157 by Representative Jeff Holcomb and SB 518 by Senator Nick DiCeglie.  These bills would protect the contact information of citizens who adopt animals from city and county animal shelters.  Today, Florida law requires the release of this information to anyone who asks for it. 

There have been many cases of threats and harassment, and even criminal activity, as a result of the disclosure of this information.  In order to support this legislation, FACA needs as many examples of problematic cases as possible.  If your shelter has experienced anything like this, we need to know about it so we can educate key policymakers and legislative staff. 

Please email our lobbyist Diana Ferguson [email protected] with as much information as you can provide regarding cases where the disclosure of personal contact information has resulted in harm.  We have been asked to show that this is a recurring problem, and we have provided around a dozen examples of cases where people have been threatened, harassed, or had animals stolen or were otherwise harmed, or where humane societies and their volunteers have been threatened. 

If you have additional examples, we need as many as possible to make our case to the Legislature!  Don’t delay, notify our lobbyist today!

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