3 Resources (plus one bonus) to Help You Fund Your Work

Getting to connect people to their new furry, feathered, or scaled family member, helping previously broken animals foster new confidence and a zest for life, supporting the human animal bond, these are only a few of the many reasons that we choose to work or volunteer with an animal welfare organization. Along with all of the amazing things about this choice, there are an equal number of stressors, one of which is funding. Part of running an animal welfare organization is being nimble, flexible, and innovative with the resources we have while also looking for opportunities to grow those resources. Below are 3 resources (plus one bonus) to help you locate grants to help amplify the work you’re doing to help animals in need. 

  • HumanePro 
HumanePro, an arm of the Humane Society of the United States, offers a list of major funders within the animal protection space as well as a brief description of the kinds of projects they typically fund. Whether you focus on sheltering dogs and cats or run a wildlife sanctuary, there’s likely a grant opportunity for you. 
  • ASPCAPro
When it comes to getting started researching grants, ASPCAPro’s resource is a great launching point with links to some of the biggest players in animal welfare granting who accept applications via their websites. In addition, they also offer links to other resources for continuing your search for funding opportunities.  
  • Candid
Unlike the other resources on this list, Candid is not specific to animal welfare organizations but rather provides a searchable database of funders. Though Candid is a paid subscription it can be accessed for free from a number of different community centers. You can find one close to you here
Bonus! Crowdfunding Resource: Waggle 
Waggle is a crowdfunding resource dedicated to paying veterinary bills that otherwise could seem insurmountable thus saving lives. Waggle provides a platform to raise money and helps amplify reach.

5 Resources for Veterinary Continuing Education

Providing opportunities for medical staff, whether certified or on-the-job trained, to grow their knowledge base and continue to develop in their practice is essential. For certified technicians, a certain number of RACE continuing education hours are needed every two years in order to maintain their certificate. For on-the-job trained technicians and assistants, continuing education training provides the opportunity to explore topics that they find interesting but may not run into very often. Finding these opportunities can be challenging, below are five resources to help you get started. 

  1. Fear Free Shelter Program

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Member Spotlight: SPCA Tampa Bay Raises over $150,000 on Annual Day of Giving

This past week the SPCA Tampa Bay in Largo, Florida raised over $150,000 as part of their Annual Day of Giving. Their efforts were supported by individuals and businesses across the community who believe in and have been impacted by their work. The shelter worked in partnership with several sponsors, including Bank OZK and Hill’s, who matched gifts from community members. “The campaign will help our For-All animal shelter care for nearly 7,000 animals annually,” commented Eric Keaton, Chief Marketing Officer at the SPCA Tampa Bay. 

In addition to the animals that are accepted via surrender, the shelter also provides care for injured or orphaned wildlife and operates a full-service vet clinic. Some community members that are unable to cover the veterinary care of their animal companions will also benefit from the donations from the Annual Day of Giving through the Caldwell Keeping Families Together Fund. 

As for the future, SPCA Tampa Bay will be hosting their annual Pet Walk on April 15, 2023, which for the first time will take place at two locations in Tampa Bay.

New Horizons for FAAWO Board Chair

FAAWO is happy to offer our sincere congratulations to our very own Board Chair, Heather Thomas, who recently started a new position as Vice President of Veterinary Markets with Atlanta Humane’s Remedy program in partnership with St. Francis Pet Care (SFPC). Founded in 2011, SFPC provides veterinary care to the pets of the underserved communities of Alachua County, Florida. Atlanta Humane’s Remedy program seeks to revolutionize veterinary care and increase access within the southeastern United States. Through the partnership, Heather will be helping to grow the capacity of SFPC and expand services, in a high needs area. In the last year alone, the number of pets seen by SFPC increased 260%. 

Heather joins the partnership after twelve years spent as Executive Director of the Humane Society of North Central Florida during which time she tirelessly worked on behalf of both the pets and people in the community.


Five Ways to Improve Your Conversations with Your Employees

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Effective conversations go beyond knowing what to say. They also include many verbal and nonverbal factors that make a big difference in how we communicate and present our messages to minimize confusion. In the workplace, poor communication skills can lead to a bundle of crossed wires and misunderstandings that could leave employees feeling disconnected and excluded.

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Member Spotlight: Brevard Humane Society Turns 70!

Brevard Humane Society (BHS) opened their doors in 1952. This year marked 70 years of them serving their community, an accomplishment they celebrated at their recent Tuxes and Tails event. The night was filled with celebratory laughter, smiles, and pride. In 2021, BHS found loving homes for over 1200 dogs and cats that entered their care and reunited 76 lost pets with their families. In addition to their work with lost and homeless pets, BHS also operates a low-cost clinic that provides high quality spay/neuter and preventative care to pets across the community. The event was sponsored by Subaru of Melbourne, pictured above with Theresa Clifton, Executive Director of Brevard Humane Society. 

Even as the organization celebrated this huge milestone, they are struggling to make an outdated, 60 year old building meet the needs of modern animal sheltering. They have embarked on fundraising efforts to update their facilities. You can learn more about these efforts and help Brevard Humane Society in their mission to provide more comfortable housing for the animals in their care by donating here.

3 Research Studies to Inform Our Work

By understanding and applying research to our work, we have the ability to maximize the impact of the work we do. Below are three studies that were recently performed that provide valuable insight into our mission of improving the lives of animals and supporting a strong human-animal bond. 

  1. During the pandemic, first time fosters were the most likely to adopt. Researchers took data from 19 shelters across the United States and found that first time fosters without pets already at home adopted the shelter pets in their care 77% of the time. The same researchers found that the shelters that allowed adoption visits directly from foster homes, adopted out their pets in two thirds the time as shelters that did not. 

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Three Culture-Driven Tips to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategy

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We’ve all been there: you start the week already short-handed and suddenly one key player resigns. As you scramble to make sure you have enough coverage until you can hire a replacement, you can’t help but wonder what could have been done to retain the employee. While we can’t deny that salaries play a role in enticing employees towards a potential role, multiple factors can help build a long-lasting relationship with your team. If there’s anything we’ve learned recently, it’s that it’s not always about the money. By the time your employee evaluates other options, it’s highly likely that there are multiple factors swaying your employee’s decision to move away from the company.

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Animal Welfare Giant Steps Down

In July 2022 Rich Anderson, Co-chair of Marketing here at FAAWO, announced he is stepping down from his role as Executive Director and CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. For more than a decade, Rich dedicated his energy to the community of West Palm Beach. Under his stewardship Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League provided assistance to 380,000 dogs and cats and launched Countdown 2 Zero (C2Z), a collaborative partnership with Palm Beach County with the goal of eliminating unnecessary euthanasia in the community. We join with Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in wishing Rich well as he leaves to start a new chapter in his life and career. 

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Humane Society of North Central Florida receives grant to continue lifesaving work!

The Humane Society of North Central Florida (HSNCF) recently had their hard work and dedication to serving communities and animals across north central Florida recognized when they received a $25,000 grant investment from Petco Love. The investment will help to ensure that they are able to keep working toward their mission of eliminating the euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets by matching pets with families for a lifetime, furthering spay and neuter through education and outreach, and being advocates for their community members, human and animal alike. 

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5 Tips for Creating an Employee Wellness Program

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Stress Management Webinar

COVID Resources

As COVID cases continue to rise in Florida, many organizations are seeking to rethink their workplace safety guidelines and protocols. Leaders are grappling with decisions about mask mandates, vaccination requirements, and how they can best protect employees and the public they serve. Below are some resources that my help as you navigate changes in your organizations policies.

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Now accepting applications for the 2021 Diane & Bob Hoover Innovation Award

Pethealth Inc. is proud to announce the return of the Diane & Bob Hoover Annual Innovation Award.

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Puppies rescued from shelters affected by Elsa now in Orlando

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Renovate or Build?

Animal shelters do not often have the opportunity to commit to a major renovation or new building project. So, the decision to start fresh with a new facility or to transform your current space needs to be thoughtfully considered based on a variety of factors, including fundraising capability, site availability, and animal capacity needs now, and at minimum, a decade into the future. 

Understanding your fundraising capacity is a bit of a chicken and egg problem. You cannot properly evaluate fundraising capacity without some analysis of your current and future needs.  However, you won’t be able to fully define the scope of the project until you know how much money you can raise. We recommend a needs assessment to understand how much it would cost to design and build the project if you were to undertake a major renovation or potentially build a whole new shelter. With this information, your fundraising feasibility consultant can do his or her work more effectively. 

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Shelter Pet Containment, Thinking Outside the Cage

The State of the State in 2020: Florida’s Animal Sheltering Trends and the Road Ahead

The State of the State in 2020: Florida’s Animal Sheltering Trends and the Road Ahead from FAAWO on Vimeo.

Disaster Preparedness

Advice in 3D: Dream It, Design It, Do It